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Friday, July 22, 2011

29 Somethings you may not know about me...

★☆29 Somethings you may not know about me... ☆★

1. I LOVE mustard. By far my favorite condiment.

2. If I could do anything, I would be an Occupational Therapist.  I was in grad. school for this when I got sick & suffered a traumatic brain injury. I lost the frontal lobe of my brain.  I now would love to be a 911 Operator.

3. I had my tonsils out at 18 months old & my 1st serious stitches in my arm at 4yrs old.

4. I survived meningitis even though more than ten doctors told my mom that I would die. 

5. I am very people oriented.  I LOVE hanging out with my friends and family.  I love hearing peoples stories. I also love watching people.  Maybe, that's why I loved life guarding so much.
6. I LOVE anything with water. I could be in the water all day!  Wake boarding, jet ski's, tubing, water skiing, swimming laps, teaching swimming lessons, diving boards/tricks, tanning, Lake Powell, beaches, shell hunting & the Ocean.

7. I Love country line dancing.

8. I can make decent balloon animals.

9. Avocados are my favorite food (Guacamole).

10. I rarely have a preference of what I do on a weekend.  I am more concerned about having fun with who I am with than what we are actually doing.

11. I hate leaving people out. I hate exclusive groups that leave other people out.

12. I love to read the Cosmopolitan magazine.

13. I really read novels & series books.  I take a minimum of ten to fifteen books a week from the library.

14. Naps are essential to any day.

15. Traveling & Concerts are what I think about spending my money on most.  (I don't travel much yet but, want to.  I go to many concerts.)

16. I love being an aunt!  It is one of the best things in my Whole life!  (I'm also godmother to two sweet angels in heaven.)
17. I am obsessed with HUGE earrings and I can rarely stop myself from buying them.

18. I love my hair no matter what people say about the length.  I love that it is naturally curly but, it takes FOREVER to do it.  I do it straight most of the time.

19. I can't handle having to many things going on in my life. It stresses me out.

20. I hate being bored.

21. I am SUPER OBSESSED with ★★☆☆★★  STARS  ★★☆☆★★.  I love ★☆
stars ☆★ on my clothes, accessories, shoes & anywhere else I can find them.  (I REALLY want to find them on a strand of lights.)☆★☆★☆★

22. I love my cats. Gus is my black & white tuxedo kitty.  Nemo is my FAT orange kitty with a stubby tail.  Hence, the name because nemo the fish had a stubby fin.

23. I love talking on the phone & texting.  I'd rather talk but, not everyone feels that way.

24.  I HATE HATE HATE shopping!

25.  I still love to color in coloring books.  I get new crayons & books every Christmas.

26.  My Mama and I share a special bond when I do travel without her.  She writes me a letter in a card for everyday that I'm going to be gone.  It means so much to me.  She will write on the envelope whether to open it in the morning or evening & I look forward to it everyday I'm gone.  (yes i am 29 & i don't care what anyone thinks.)

27.  I love music.  All kinds country, rock, punk, big hair bands, rap, hip hop, pop etc.

28.  I want a L.D.S. Temple Wedding.

29.  I LOVE reality TV.  I call & vote on most shows.

Hope you learned something new about me.  Please comment on this post about one thing you didn't know.  Also,if you blog & I'm not following you already please leave your address.  If your blog is private please invite me.  Thx!!!  ★★★☆☆☆★★★☆☆☆.

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