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Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday's Gym Classes

I know it is Monday but I wrote this Thursday and for some reason it went into drafts and didn't post so I'm posting it now.  :)

I am really proud of how sweaty my shirt is right now. I busted my butt at the gym tonight.  To me, sweat is a beautiful thing. When I first started my workout journey, I was embarrassed to sweat, even at the gym. Now…I proudly display my sweat as if it were an award I just received.

I started tonight with a S.E.T. class which is a strength and endurance training class.  I'd never taken it before but I really liked it.  I then thought it would be smart to take the Hustle hip hop dance class which by the way I absolutely love.  I love the teacher Mackenzie because she is amazing!!!  I'm so bummed they are cancelling it due to not enough turn out.  I gotta get more people there because its the only exercise class I can truly say I love. 

If you have a membership to 24 Hour Fitness the Hustle class is on Thursdays nights at 6:30pm it is just a hour class.  Now if you are not a member to 24 Hour Fitness you can either use my name and get a discount membership or even better print off a 7 day trial period FREE membership online and come join me.  The S.E.T. class is at 5:30pm if you would like to do both. Also, the gym has a special place in the same building for kids so you can take the classes and have someone else watch them.  Also, if we were just working out and not in a class they have a TV channel so you can look in on your children while they are being watched and we workout.  How cool is that?  By the way I workout at the Jordan Landing 24 Hour Fitness.

I am rethinking my choice of apparel for my bottom half. I wore red shorts that have a liner in them and all I can say is YUCK!!!. Hmmmm, those things don’t hide the sweat that well, and the sweat making the liner of the shorts stick to my legs just isn’t as impressive as the sweat on a t-shirt.

I don’t know why I needed to get that out there. I haven’t blogged in forever and I just thought I’d jump right into sweaty crotch syndrome or better known as SWASS. 

Speaking of sweating, the summer is slipping away. Nooooooo! I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been far too busy having a happy summer with my friends and working my tail end off at the gym! 

Now if the gym isn't where you would like to meet up I'd love to still get together with ya so give me a call so we can plan something for real soon.  There are so many people I'd like to get together with and do something fun.  I'm game for hanging with the kids or without the kids.  I love both so don't feel like you have to have a babysitter, just bring them along and we'll go somewhere kid friendly!

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