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Friday, September 3, 2010

Football 101.....Impress Your Guy!

Football 101.....Impress Your Guy!

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For most women, when the word football is uttered we tend to roll our eyes and become wary of what the Fall months will bring....Monday, Saturday and Sunday night football, fantasy teams and what not. I think a lot of our apprehension and dislike come from not understanding it.

I have a few hints and tips to making football season more enjoyable for both you and your guy. Impress him with your football knowledge and try and be more open to it rather than getting excited only when the Superbowl comes around. (And not just because of all the great food and commercials) I'm even going to join fantasy football so I can get in on the action!
Choose a team you want to root for. Whether its because of the color of the uniform or the hot quarterback, it doesn't matter.
Learn the NFL numbering system....what?!? I thought those numbers were lucky numbers the players picked- There's a SYSTEM??? Shows you how little I know! Get this: Numbers 1-9 are for Quarterbacks and Kickers, 10-19 Quarterbacks, Receivers and Kickers, 20-49 Running Backs and Defensive Backs, 50-59 Centers and Linebackers, 60-79 Defensive and Offensive Linemen, 80-89 Receivers and Tight Ends, 90-99 Defensive Linemen and Linebackers.

The Basics:

Each team has a goal to defend and one where they score points. They have to get at least 10 yards in four downs to advance down the field toward the other team's goal. If they cannot obtain the 10 yards or more, in 3 tries, they must either try one more play or punt the ball to the other team and then they must defend their goal.

There are four quarters in each game lasting 15 minutes. Scores are obtained either by making a touchdown with an extra point or a two-point conversion for a TD (6 + 1 or 2), a field goal (3), and a safety (2 - where the opposing team tackles you in your own end zone - the points go to them, and they get the ball back).

The Quarterback is the captain on offense who throws passes to receivers and hands the ball to running backs. Running Backs are versatile players who run the ball, receive passes, and block. Wide Receivers are tall, quick players who are the main targets of pass attempts. Tight Ends are used to block, but are also eligible to catch passes. Offensive linemen are “ineligible” receivers—they cannot catch passes unless the ball is tipped and cannot run the ball unless it is fumbled by another player. The offensive line consists of one Center who delivers the snap to the quarterback, two Guards and two Tackles. Offensive linemen are blockers who protect the quarterback on passing plays and create holes for running backs on running plays.

The defensive line includes Defensive Tackles, who try to negate forward progress in the middle of the field and Defensive Ends, who defend the outside edges against runs and are the primary players who rush the quarterback on pass plays. Other defenders include: Linebackers, the primary tacklers on running plays who can also blitz the quarterback or drop into coverage to defend against pass attempts; Cornerbacks, who cover receivers during passing plays and assist on running plays; and Safeties, who form the final line of defense, aid in coverage of receivers, or jump into the action to stop running plays.
Specialty Teams.
In addition to the offensive and defensive teams, there are also “special teams” that are used for specific types of plays, including field goal attempts and blocks, punts and punt returns, and kickoffs and kickoff returns.

Some football terms you can use to sound like you know what you're talking about.....

Audible: Quarterback calls a different play at the line of scrimmage when the defense appears to anticipate the current play.

Blitz: To rush linebackers, cornerbacks, or safeties into the backfield.

Down: One of the four opportunities the offensive team has to score or advance 10 yards.

False start: Penalty for illegal movement by offense prior to the snap.

First down: Term used when a new set of downs is achieved. The “line-to-gain” is the line that must be reached for a first down and is marked on the sidelines by the first down marker (colored stick and chain).

Forward pass: Occurs from from behind the line of scrimmage and is thrown farther up the field than the thrower.

Fumble: A “live” ball that is dropped can be recovered by either team.

Holding: Penalty for holding a player to impede progress.

Huddle: In between plays, members of a team gather in a circle to receive instructions for the upcoming play.

Incomplete pass: A forward pass that is not caught.

Interception: A pass that is caught by the defense.

Lateral: A ball thrown to the side or backward. A lateral that is not caught is a fumble, not an incomplete pass.

Line of scrimmage: The yard line at which a down begins.

Offsides: Penalty for team members not on their own side of the line of scrimmage during a snap.

Onside kick: When the kicking team tries to field its own kickoff after the ball travels 10 yards.

Pass interference: Penalty for illegal contact on a pass play.

Play action pass: When a quarterback fakes a hand off for a running play before passing the ball. Used to deceive the defense.

Punt: Kick to the opponent on a fourth down when scoring or achieving a first down is unlikely.

Rush: Attempt to sack the quarterback or force the pass attempt earlier than desired.

Sack: To tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of yards.

Snap: Transfer of the ball from center to quarterback that starts each play. Also called a “hike.”

Tackle: Forcing a ball carrier to the ground.

Touchback: Balls recovered in team’s own end zone during kickoffs, punts, and turnovers can be “downed” and the team then starts the first down at the 20-yard line.

Don't forget the food!

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

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  1. I never knew that about the numbering system. I know that they retire numbers. My husband is not a football fan, though he will watch the game on Thanksgiving Day and the Super Bowl. About the only time I really got into football was when Steve Young played for the 49ers. haha. This was a great post.


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