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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Month Of Thanks!!!

The month of November is VERY special to me for many reasons.  First, November is my Granny's birthday.  She was my best friend.  Her birthday was November 18th, 1924.  She taught me at a very young age in the month of November to write down one thing I was thankful for everyday and put it in this jar she had.  Then on Thanksgiving we would all sit down and pull out one piece of paper out at a time until the jar was empty & read every ones things they were thankful for.  As, I got older she shared with me that I should try to do it more than just the month of November in my journal everyday.  I've continued this to this day when I'm journaling.  So, I'm gonna add to my blog the first week of November in one post and then then each additional week of November in another post.

November 1-7,2010

November 1, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful for my Mama because she is the most amazing person in this world.  She has had a VERY rough year & each day continues to push through her pain everyday.  She amazes me in her strength & determination.  She also believes in me & pushes me when I feel like nothing good is happening.  She has been my biggest cheerleader with my weight loss & I can't thank her enough for that.  She tries her very hardest at everything she does.  She is crafty, smart, funny, tough, caring & all around a great person.  I thank God everyday that she's getting better.

November 2, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful for my VERY best friend in the WHOLE world Larissa.  We have been friends for many years.  We met through work at the pool but our friendship has carried out beyond that.  I MISS her everyday since she moved to Colorado.  She also has had a VERY rough year personally.  Her husband Herman is in the Army & has been gone for many, many months to Georgia for training.  In the last 12 months she has had 2 miscarriages which have been very traumatic.  I was able to be there to help as much as I could for 1 of them but I couldn't physically be there for the loss of the 2nd one.  She has a VERY strong belief in GOD (no, she is not L.D.S.) & I admire her strength.  I also believe as much as she needs me that I need her & that God knew we needed each other.  She has seen me at my VERY WORST & VERY BEST & still LOVES me which is saying A LOT.  I can't imagine my life without her & treasure anytime we get to spend together.  We talk almost everyday on the phone which I am very thankful for.  I can't wait to see her in just a couple of weeks :)  I<3 my BFF.

November 3, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful for an amazing teacher named Mackenzie that works at 24 hour fitness.  She always has a smile on her face even when she is not feeling well.  She is the most upbeat person I know.  She teaches a few classes that I try to attend just because she teaches them.  She makes me feel like I belong in the class even if I am doing it all wrong.  She knows about my brain injury & continues to try and help me.  I NEVER thought I'd like spin class but she really makes it enjoyable.  She picks great music, has a great attitude, gives me rides occasionally (which I'm sure she hates...loves).  I'm thankful for her all around love & support.  I hope one day we can hangout outside the gym as real friends but I don't if she wants that.  But, I'm still thankful for all she does everyday.
November 4, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful for my friend Chantele.  She is one friend here in Utah that I can count on.  She lets me hang out with her & her sweet boys.  We do errands & fun things but most importantly we hang out & just talk.  We do have just girls night out too but I love hanging with her family just as much.  I am thankful for face book & it reconnecting me with her.  We met as elementary friends & then were cheerleaders together.  She was nice to me when other kids teased me.  Our brothers are the same age so they played years & years of sports together which put us together but, we lost touch when her husbands job took him overseas.  I'm so thankful for our blossoming friendship everyday.  I love walking/exercising with her & playing with her boys.  I love how beautiful she is outside and especially inside.  She is a very giving person.  She has accepted me with my brain injury & that I don't drive & NEVER seems put out if I need a ride.  I'm thankful for all the things she includes me may not seem like a big deal to her for me to just accompany her on her errands but I really do love just the time together.
November 5, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful that I am a member of the church.  I may not go all the time but, I believe it with all my heart.  I am thankful that I will get to see my granny again.  I am not going to go into great detail here because it is something that is VERY close to my heart. And, I'd like to keep it that way. 
November 6, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful for my brother B.J. & Sister-in-law Jamie inspire me everyday by what Great parents they are.  My nephew Cache is extremely happy & it shows by the parenting he is receiving.  Also, My brother ran/walked in my 1st 5k to support me & that meant a lot to me.  We talked & just had a very good time & I'm so thankful for his love & friendship. 
November 7, 2010:
  • Today I am thankful for my sister-in-law Jamie.  She & I started off a little rocky but I am truly thankful for her in our family. She really made my day when she let me feed my Nephew Cache for the 1st time. She also used my idea for Cache's Halloween pictures which meant a lot to me but even more she added her own personal touches to it and made it even better. Thank you for being understanding about my brain injury & continuing to try & make things work :) I LOVE being an aunt.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One of my FAVORITE stories!!!

Why wait to change the world?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought I want to be like that someday? Or have you thought about something you would like to do, but realize its just not possible?

Now you wonder how can someone as insignificant as me change the world. It's simple! Ordinary people like you and I change the world everyday.

Many of you have read this story, but it's such a perfect example:

A young girl was walking along a beach upon which thousands of starfish had been washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and throw it back into the ocean. People watched her with amusement.
 She had been doing this for some time when a man approached her and said, “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t begin to make a difference!”

The girl seemed crushed, suddenly deflated. But after a few moments, she bent down, picked up another starfish, and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. Then she looked up at the man and replied, “Well, I made a difference to that one!”

The old man looked at the girl inquisitively and thought about what she had done and said. Inspired, he joined the little girl in throwing starfish back into the sea. Soon others joined, and all the starfish were saved.

The understanding that we hold in our hands the power to change a life, a mind, or a circumstance today, right now, is a powerful insight and motivator. We have the power to inspire others to act, and sometimes in numbers significant enough to make a major or even complete impact on the problem at hand.We can be a powerful force for leading change in the world. Often it is the ordinary people who put into action values that have been instilled in them. The world, therefore, depends on us to lead the way TODAY!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer is Over!!!

 So, I was just thinking about summer...and how its over. Scary! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I had all these goals and projects I wanted to finish this summer, and are any of them done...nope.  With the exception of losing weight!!!

I get thinking about Fall and that Winter is just around the corner...and, oh my goodness! Snow is not far off. Before I know it I will be fighting snow drifts and whiteouts. Did I mention I HATE SNOW!!!

And the cold...the cold (ugh). Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Again, did I mention I HATE SNOW!!!
These pictures were on my computer but they felt appropriate 4 thr upcoming changes in the seasons!!!

I love the Fall colors especially in the mountains.  That is one thing I really miss about driving!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Broken- Lindsey Haun

Broken by Lindsey Haun

This is just how I am feeling lately!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, 2010

Where were you on
September 11th, 2001

I was on traxx riding to the University of Utah for school when the attacks started to take place.  I thought it was the longest ride I'd ever been on because all everyone on the train wanted to do was get to a TV to see what was really going on.  School was one BIG blur that day. 

Why the fireworks?  I love the RED, WHITE & BLUE that they show.


Although I didn't know anyone personally in the towers that day it has impacted my life and everyone else I know.  Regardless if you lost a family member or friend, we all lost something that day that can not be brought back.  But, in that same breath we all gained a stronger bond as Americans to help a neighbor in need, to stand up for one another no matter their gender, race, religion etc.  I learned the strength of the human spirit that day and in the many days to follow.  I also learned that I will not let anyone take my happiness, freedom, or hope of a better tomorrow.  I will ALWAYS remember 9/11 for those who were lost but also for those that found themselves!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Football 101.....Impress Your Guy!

Football 101.....Impress Your Guy!

I got this from the most awesome blog...2c the pictures 4 even better understanding click on the link!!!
I've never linked an article b4 so I hope this works

For most women, when the word football is uttered we tend to roll our eyes and become wary of what the Fall months will bring....Monday, Saturday and Sunday night football, fantasy teams and what not. I think a lot of our apprehension and dislike come from not understanding it.

I have a few hints and tips to making football season more enjoyable for both you and your guy. Impress him with your football knowledge and try and be more open to it rather than getting excited only when the Superbowl comes around. (And not just because of all the great food and commercials) I'm even going to join fantasy football so I can get in on the action!
Choose a team you want to root for. Whether its because of the color of the uniform or the hot quarterback, it doesn't matter.
Learn the NFL numbering system....what?!? I thought those numbers were lucky numbers the players picked- There's a SYSTEM??? Shows you how little I know! Get this: Numbers 1-9 are for Quarterbacks and Kickers, 10-19 Quarterbacks, Receivers and Kickers, 20-49 Running Backs and Defensive Backs, 50-59 Centers and Linebackers, 60-79 Defensive and Offensive Linemen, 80-89 Receivers and Tight Ends, 90-99 Defensive Linemen and Linebackers.

The Basics:

Each team has a goal to defend and one where they score points. They have to get at least 10 yards in four downs to advance down the field toward the other team's goal. If they cannot obtain the 10 yards or more, in 3 tries, they must either try one more play or punt the ball to the other team and then they must defend their goal.

There are four quarters in each game lasting 15 minutes. Scores are obtained either by making a touchdown with an extra point or a two-point conversion for a TD (6 + 1 or 2), a field goal (3), and a safety (2 - where the opposing team tackles you in your own end zone - the points go to them, and they get the ball back).

The Quarterback is the captain on offense who throws passes to receivers and hands the ball to running backs. Running Backs are versatile players who run the ball, receive passes, and block. Wide Receivers are tall, quick players who are the main targets of pass attempts. Tight Ends are used to block, but are also eligible to catch passes. Offensive linemen are “ineligible” receivers—they cannot catch passes unless the ball is tipped and cannot run the ball unless it is fumbled by another player. The offensive line consists of one Center who delivers the snap to the quarterback, two Guards and two Tackles. Offensive linemen are blockers who protect the quarterback on passing plays and create holes for running backs on running plays.

The defensive line includes Defensive Tackles, who try to negate forward progress in the middle of the field and Defensive Ends, who defend the outside edges against runs and are the primary players who rush the quarterback on pass plays. Other defenders include: Linebackers, the primary tacklers on running plays who can also blitz the quarterback or drop into coverage to defend against pass attempts; Cornerbacks, who cover receivers during passing plays and assist on running plays; and Safeties, who form the final line of defense, aid in coverage of receivers, or jump into the action to stop running plays.
Specialty Teams.
In addition to the offensive and defensive teams, there are also “special teams” that are used for specific types of plays, including field goal attempts and blocks, punts and punt returns, and kickoffs and kickoff returns.

Some football terms you can use to sound like you know what you're talking about.....

Audible: Quarterback calls a different play at the line of scrimmage when the defense appears to anticipate the current play.

Blitz: To rush linebackers, cornerbacks, or safeties into the backfield.

Down: One of the four opportunities the offensive team has to score or advance 10 yards.

False start: Penalty for illegal movement by offense prior to the snap.

First down: Term used when a new set of downs is achieved. The “line-to-gain” is the line that must be reached for a first down and is marked on the sidelines by the first down marker (colored stick and chain).

Forward pass: Occurs from from behind the line of scrimmage and is thrown farther up the field than the thrower.

Fumble: A “live” ball that is dropped can be recovered by either team.

Holding: Penalty for holding a player to impede progress.

Huddle: In between plays, members of a team gather in a circle to receive instructions for the upcoming play.

Incomplete pass: A forward pass that is not caught.

Interception: A pass that is caught by the defense.

Lateral: A ball thrown to the side or backward. A lateral that is not caught is a fumble, not an incomplete pass.

Line of scrimmage: The yard line at which a down begins.

Offsides: Penalty for team members not on their own side of the line of scrimmage during a snap.

Onside kick: When the kicking team tries to field its own kickoff after the ball travels 10 yards.

Pass interference: Penalty for illegal contact on a pass play.

Play action pass: When a quarterback fakes a hand off for a running play before passing the ball. Used to deceive the defense.

Punt: Kick to the opponent on a fourth down when scoring or achieving a first down is unlikely.

Rush: Attempt to sack the quarterback or force the pass attempt earlier than desired.

Sack: To tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of yards.

Snap: Transfer of the ball from center to quarterback that starts each play. Also called a “hike.”

Tackle: Forcing a ball carrier to the ground.

Touchback: Balls recovered in team’s own end zone during kickoffs, punts, and turnovers can be “downed” and the team then starts the first down at the 20-yard line.

Don't forget the food!

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday's Gym Classes

I know it is Monday but I wrote this Thursday and for some reason it went into drafts and didn't post so I'm posting it now.  :)

I am really proud of how sweaty my shirt is right now. I busted my butt at the gym tonight.  To me, sweat is a beautiful thing. When I first started my workout journey, I was embarrassed to sweat, even at the gym. Now…I proudly display my sweat as if it were an award I just received.

I started tonight with a S.E.T. class which is a strength and endurance training class.  I'd never taken it before but I really liked it.  I then thought it would be smart to take the Hustle hip hop dance class which by the way I absolutely love.  I love the teacher Mackenzie because she is amazing!!!  I'm so bummed they are cancelling it due to not enough turn out.  I gotta get more people there because its the only exercise class I can truly say I love. 

If you have a membership to 24 Hour Fitness the Hustle class is on Thursdays nights at 6:30pm it is just a hour class.  Now if you are not a member to 24 Hour Fitness you can either use my name and get a discount membership or even better print off a 7 day trial period FREE membership online and come join me.  The S.E.T. class is at 5:30pm if you would like to do both. Also, the gym has a special place in the same building for kids so you can take the classes and have someone else watch them.  Also, if we were just working out and not in a class they have a TV channel so you can look in on your children while they are being watched and we workout.  How cool is that?  By the way I workout at the Jordan Landing 24 Hour Fitness.

I am rethinking my choice of apparel for my bottom half. I wore red shorts that have a liner in them and all I can say is YUCK!!!. Hmmmm, those things don’t hide the sweat that well, and the sweat making the liner of the shorts stick to my legs just isn’t as impressive as the sweat on a t-shirt.

I don’t know why I needed to get that out there. I haven’t blogged in forever and I just thought I’d jump right into sweaty crotch syndrome or better known as SWASS. 

Speaking of sweating, the summer is slipping away. Nooooooo! I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been far too busy having a happy summer with my friends and working my tail end off at the gym! 

Now if the gym isn't where you would like to meet up I'd love to still get together with ya so give me a call so we can plan something for real soon.  There are so many people I'd like to get together with and do something fun.  I'm game for hanging with the kids or without the kids.  I love both so don't feel like you have to have a babysitter, just bring them along and we'll go somewhere kid friendly!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


What's Bugging Helping You?
I do not own the rights 2 these pictures!

I put the bodybugg to the test and, instead, it tested me. Here’s how one little device changed my diet, my calorie burn, and—hopefully—my fitness.

Maybe you’ve seen gym members or Biggest Loser contestants wearing bodybuggs and thought it was overkill. But if my first month of being bugged has taught me anything, the bodybugg is a tool that helps you change your body and be truly honest with yourself, maybe for the first time in your life.

It’s 1:00 PM, and I just finished my training session.  I really thought I'd done so much today. The good news: it says I’ve burned 1,585 so far today—only 1,315 more to go before the day is over. The bad news: I'm beat and what I want 2 eat will not help take down the 1,315 left 2 burn.  But, the best news today is that all my measurements went down since my last measurements, my neck, legs, arms, hips, chest etc.  I also gained 9lbs of lean body mass/muscle weight(I didn't actually gain 9lbs on the scale but its actually a really good thing).  I also lost another 6.25 inches of fat off my whole body.  I'm so excited!!!

But the bodybugg is, by its nature, a good news/bad news thing—you cannot dodge reality unless you take it off, which basically amounts to quitting. And now that the new bodybugg is half the size and thickness of the old one, you can just about keep it strapped on all day. In conjunction with your specific body parameters (age, gender, height, weight), the bodybugg’s four sensors measure your motion, skin temperature, the rate at which heat is dissipating from your body, and skin impedance (sweat rate), which tracks your calorie expenditure with 95 percent accuracy.

The concept behind the bodybugg is simple—you must burn more calories than you consume if you want to lose weight. It automatically tracks what you burn, then the user enters what they eat. And this is easy, too, because the tracking system has a huge database of food built in. This morning, I entered “Luna power bar,” and it found my exact flavor and everything right away. The hardest part, really, is remembering what you ate and being honest about how much. “Most people underestimate how much they eat and they overestimate how much they burn,” says JK, Trainer of fitness education for 24 Hour Fitness.  My Trainer JK says that I on the other hand enter everything I eat (& I do mean everything) but, my problem is that I do not eat enough protein ever. 

I'm not a fan of meat...not that I care bout the animals but I just don't like the taste or texture.  I also am trying really hard to meet my quota for everyday.  With my brain injury I NEVER feel hungry!  Which most of you may think is a blessing in disguise but it's not.

 “People eat for many different reasons: emotional issues, boredom, or, sometimes you don’t remember putting the food in your mouth if you are pre-occupied.”

Those who actually log their food accurately, it’s shocking for them how many calories they consume. “They go to Starbucks and think they are getting coffee and a bagel, but they actually get a caramel macchiato, which is half their calories for the day. Because people really don’t know how many calories are in things.”

I’m in the midst of training for my marathon called life. And I eat healthy foods, so perhaps I thought I could eat more of it. But JK tells me this is typical, too. “You see people who want to train for a marathon and they gain weight. They think they are training and running every day so they eat a lot more food,” he says. “But the bodybugg holds you accountable. If you keep yourself accountable to bodybugg, you can’t help but be successful. If you’re using it properly you have to go out of your way not get results.”

The third thing I discovered in my first month of bodybugging is that I burn plenty of calories when I’m working out, but while I’m working on the computer, I might as well be sleeping. In fact, I burn just over 1.5 calories a minute.

I had a similar experience with my bodybugg when I first started using it. “I burn about 1.1 calories sleeping. When I’m at my just using my computer I burn about 1.1-1.3 calories. So I realized I had to change it up while I’m working. I had to move around, sit on a ball, jump up and down once in a while.

This season’s Biggest Loser contestants, who all used the bodybugg, learned a similar lessons early in their training.  I love this show.

At least for the moment, the bodybugg has done its job, and I guess that’s the whole point. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Favorite quote!

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.... it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Friday, July 30, 2010

workout, workout, workout

So 4 the last month I've been working my tush off with my body bugg and 24 hr fitness!  I'm pleased 2 say that since Christmas I've lost more than 50 pounds!!! I'll repeat that if you think you misread it :) fifty big ole pounds gone!!! I'm working real hard 2 continue this each week its getting easier and easier.  I'll admit there are many days i don't want to go workout but once I'm there I'm always glad I went.  (BTW i do not own the rights 2 this picture). I'm still not happy with my pictures yet but 1 is coming soon i promise :) 1 without my nephew in it!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Most 4th of July parties revolve around bbq's, friends, music, parades and fireworks etc. But to me the 4th means so much more. No, I'm not in the military, I'm not married 2 anyone in the military, but 4 some reason I'm deeply touched by the meaning of freedom and the holiday on the 4th of July. I wish that our men and women were honored everyday but 4 this day i want 2 honor all those that give up their time for us. So, 4 those that stand up 4 me i thank you 4 being the brave so that I can be 1 of the free! Thank you again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

B.J.'S 1st Father's Day!

HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY!!!

Waving Goodbye 2 his favorite Aunt!!!

Big Yawn!


Cache pullin funny faces 4 everyone!


All tuckered out!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing Mama!!!

My mama has been sick for months now but she's been away from home for a few weeks and I'm really missing her! At night especially, its kinda funny but we would watch certain shows together so when something great happens now I turn 2 talk 2 her but I'm quickly reminded she's not here. Seeing her at the rehab center and hospital has not filled the void of her really being here. We fight over everything but I am still missing her badly now. Funny, how the little things can add up 2 big things. So, I've put together a few reasons a daughter needs a mother!

  • A daughter needs a mama that is never more than a phone call away.

  • A daughter needs a mama cuz no one understands me like she does.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her that u cannot make someone love u but u can be someone who can be loved.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 tell her she's beautiful inside and out.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her how 2b a lady.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 tell her not 2b afraid 2 seize the moment.

  • A daughter needs a mama who understands its okay 2 not agree on everything.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her that the road 2 happiness is not always straight.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 talk 2 when the world comes crashing down.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her how 2 cook.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her 2 love herself no matter what happens.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 love her unconditionally.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her that even true love takes compromise.

  • A daughter needs a mama 2 teach her 2 laugh at herself.

  • A daughter needs a mama who knows how 2 let loose and have fun.

What I've learned in the last few weeks is that I will always need my mama! I am stronger than I ever thought. My brain injury will NOT hold me back! My mama is the best ever!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


How do you get permission/invitation 2 someones blog that you do not have an email 4 but would really like 2 reconnect? I'm VERY new at this so I'm not sure how this all works. Not all my friends Face book so I can't just ask them there. Also, how do you get buttons/badges from pages that don't automatically offer one? Ex: I'd really like a button that says I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I've seen some other buttons where it says grab my button but if that is not offered how do I acquire 1? If you know please help a beginner out :) THX!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I met my nephew today! He is so cute and so tiny! I got some good pictures on my phone that i'm gonna try and upload here!!!

I'm an Aunt!!!

I am going 2 meet my nephew CACHE JAXSON PROBERT today! I'm officially an aunt now:) He was born 6/11/10 at 7:10am. He weighed 7lbs 11oz. I'm so excited 2 meet him pictures will soon follow!!! Congrats 2 my brother & his wife!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mama's illness

Mama has finally been transferred 2 riverton transitional rehab center on 12600 S. 3419 W. She was transferred Monday night and adjusting well. I'm just glad she is doing so much better!!! She still has some blood clots and antibiotics 2 work out and rehab 4 her back but she is making some good progress.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My 1st Post

So, after many tries 2 explain my T.B.I. I've decided 2 start a blog so that I can put the whole story in 1 place with all the facts & somewhere that you can ask me personal questions bout it. My 1st post is just 2 let people know that it is coming but may take some time 4 me 2 get all the info up, but I am working on it. :)

My Favorite Blogs